Since its creation, Fondation H has been consolidating a contemporary art collection that focuses largely on african artists and its diaspora.

Cultural mediation

Mediation programs adapted to the different audiences of the Fondation H are offered daily in our spaces.


Rooted in the desire to widen access to art in the countries where it has a presence, Fondation H seeks to inspire the younger generation, making the entirety of its expertise available to them.

Mizaha Paris

Mizaha Paris is a residency and exhibition program dedicated to artists from the African continent and its diaspora that takes place at parisian space of Fondation H since its creation in 2020.

Prix Paritana

Since its creation in 2017, Prix Paritana has been supporting the malagasy art scene (artists of malagasy nationality and artists living in Madagascar) by organizing a contemporary art prize that is awarded to three artists each year.

Ainga Training

Ainga was launched in April 2022 by Fondation H and aims to provide Indian Ocean artists with a solid theoretical and practical basis to plan and develop their artistic career.