Driven by the desire to democratize access to art and stimulate the critical thinking and creativity of children aged 6 to 14, Fondation H has launched Hay program in 2021, entirely free of charge.

In Malagasy, "Hay" means" to learn" or "to assimilate", and refers to the root of the verb "mahay", which means "to know" or "to master", illustrating an approach for this program focused on contemporary art discovery and both critical and creative experimentation.

Through Hay program, Fondation H offers tailor-made visits and workshops for every age group of children, from 6 to 14, every Wednesday afternoon from 2 to 4 pm for the public, and every working morning of the year for public schools and associations partnering Fondation H in Antananarivo. Hay program is also deployed in the Parisian space of Fondation H on an occasional basis. The workshops are always built around the exhibitions presented in both spaces.

Since the launch of Hay in 2021, over5,000 children have benefited from this program, including 2,500 around the Madame Zo exhibition in Antananarivo in 2023.

Hay is available in four formats: Hay partners, Hay general public, Hay virtual and Hay discovery.

Hay partners

Throughout the year, every working day, Hay enables groups of children to visit Fondation H and take part in creative workshops. This is possible thanks to long-term partnerships with Antananarivo's public and private primary and secondary schools, NGOs and children's aid associations. Each class or group of children comes three times over the course of a year, so that each child can benefit from a renewed experience implemented over time.

Visits and workshops organized within the framework of these partnerships offer classes or groups of children a personalized welcome, a guided tour of the exhibitions and tailor-made creative activities. Each visit lasts an average of 3 hours. Fondation H covers all costs associated with these visits, including transportation, workshops and snacks for the children.

It's also an inclusive program, as Hay allows Fondation H to welcome organizations that help children with disabilities or learning difficulties.

Hay general public

Every Wednesday afternoon, from 2 to 4pm, Fondation H welcomes children aged 6 to 14 to its mediation room for creative workshops linked to the exhibitions presented at Fondation H. These activities are entirely free of charge, for groups of up to 12 children.

New themes are proposed every month. Full details are available at Fondation H reception in Antananarivo, and on our website (calendar page).

The Parisian space of Fondation H regularly organizes workshops for children, on a more occasional basis.

Hay virtual

As part of Fondation H's desire to open a dialogue with audiences in regions other than Antananarivo, Hay virtual program has been running since 2022, in partnership with the many Alliances françaises throughout Madagascar.

For each exhibition, Fondation H produces a kit including a video shot specifically for this program (tour of the exhibition with commentary by the cultural mediation team and designed for a remote audience), as well as a tutorial for setting up a complete creative workshop for the participating children - always bearing in mind that the materials needed for the workshop must be as accessible and reasonable as possible.

For each exhibition, this Hay virtual off-site format is made available to Madagascar's 29 Alliances françaises.

Hay discovery

Hay program remains accessible to schools, colleges and children's aid associations in the capital, even without a predefined partnership. For both private and public establishments, Fondation H can offer customized guided tours and creative workshops on request.

If the format is to their liking, structures can then decide to become a "Hay partner" on a longer-term basis. To benefit from a personalized visit and workshop for their pupils or beneficiaries, a reservationis required at least three weeks before the planned date of a visit.

To book and organize a visit to Fondation H for your establishment, send an e-mail to contact@fondation-h.com.


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