Mizaha Paris is a residency and exhibition program dedicated to artists from the African continent and its diaspora that takes place at the parisian space of Fondation H in the heart of the Marais.

Each year, three artists are invited to take part in the Mizaha Paris program and to develop their projects during residencies at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris or at the parisian space of Fondation H. A two-month solo exhibition always follows the residency period.

With a genuine experimental dimension, the program gives considerable flexibility on the format of collaboration with guest artists, who are always invited on an individual basis, never as a group. This approach enables Fondation H’s team to provide genuine support to individual projects. The space can host in-situ installations (Hyacinthe Ouattara, M’barka Amor, Christian Sanna, Temandrota).It is also regularly transformed into a studio by artists who take up residence there for a few months at a time (Maya Inès Touam, Adelaide Damoah, Johanna Mirabel, Roxane Mbanga).

View of the exhibition 'Habiter le monde qui nous habite' [Inhabiting The World That Inhabits Us] by Hyacinthe Ouattara, 2022
The four artists invited to Paris in 2024 are Cynthia Colney, Roxane Mbanga, Magalie Grondin and Sènami Donoumassou.


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