Since its creation in 2017, Prix Paritana has been supporting the malagasy art scene (artists of malagasy nationality and artists living in Madagascar) by organizing a contemporary art prize that is awarded to three artists each year.

Its aim is to highlight and accompany the creative emulation of the Malagasy contemporary scene. Prix Paritana is open to all artists of the malagasy art scene and to all medium (painting, sculpture, video, photography, installation, etc.), to encourage dialogue between cultures and allow the creation and dissemination of artistic projects in Madagascar and internationally.

Every year since 2017, the winner of Prix Paritana receives a creative grant of 3,000euros, a residency at Cité internationale des Arts in Paris, as well as all necessary support for this residency (plane ticket, visa, per diem, etc.), a personal exhibition in the Parisian space of Fondation H and a few months after his/her return, a personal exhibition at Institut Français de Madagascar.

The other two co-winners receive a creation grant of 500 euros, the support of Fondation H to set up their exhibition project and a personal exhibition at Fondation H in Antananarivo.

8th edition of Prix Paritana

Prix Paritana jury gathered on March 14, 2024 to evaluate the 41 submissions received in 2024 and commended the quality of the work provided by each applicant in this edition. After deliberation, 3 candidates were selected by the jury for the 8th edition of Prix Paritana.

Selected for their expertise and knowledge of the local and international creative context, the jury for the 8th edition of Prix Paritana are:
- Bénédicte Alliot, Director of  Cité internationale des arts, Paris
- Hermerson Andrianetrazafy, Artist and Art Historian
- Astrid Dalais, Director of House of Digital Art, Mauritius
- Eric Dereumaux, Founder of Prix Paritana and Director of Galerie RX, Paris /NYC
- Hassanein Hiridjee, President of Fondation H
- François Maugrenier, Director of  Institut Français de Madagascar
- Céline Seror, Co-curator of the exhibition Memoria : récits d'une autre Histoire currently on show at Fondation H

On April 4th 2024, at Institut Français de Madagascar, Prix Paritana partners and Fondation H, presented their prizes to winners.

The winner of the 8th edition of Prix Paritana 2024 is the artist-researcher-designer Tsiriniaina Hajatiana Irimboangy, for his project Ridô - dévoiler les souvenirs [Ridô - revealing memories].

The second joint winners of the 2024 edition are: photographer and video artist Andy Rasoloharivony for his project Et ils gravèrent le sable[And they engraved the sand] and visual artist Finoana Ratovo Andriantseheno for her project Invitation Aux Temps [Invitation to the times].

Prize-giving ceremony at Institut Français de Madagascar
April 4th 2024


Tsiriniaina Hajatiana Irimboangy, winner of Prix Paritana 2024, is an artist-designer-researcher. His artistic approach explores the various possibilities offered by digital media to produce new forms and images that awaken both the senses and consciences. For Prix Paritana 2024, his project Ridô- dévoiler les souvenirs [Ridô - revealing memories] takes the form of a series of multimedia art installations combining detailed textual descriptions of his memories, digital images generated by Artificial Intelligence and a video accompanied by a sound testimony, an artistic exploration of his memories, an attempt to capture and share them.

Andy Rasoloharivony, second joint winner of Prix Paritana 2024, is a photographic and video artist. From nostalgia for an idyllic past, to his vision of Malagasy society through a detour into its deepest fears, he looks back on a by gone era, on a sick system, as a quest for self. For the Prix Paritana 2024, his project Et ils gravèrent le sable[And they engraved the sand] combines photography, videography and installation to reflect on how the situation of the Mikea reflects the human condition in the face of current societal and environmental challenges.

Finoana Ratovo Andriantseheno, second joint winner for Prix Paritana 2024, is a visual artist from a family of tinsmiths. Iron is her preferred medium, a natural extension of her heritage. She draws her inspiration from human life and its environment. For Prix Paritana 2024, her project Invitation Aux Temps [Invitation to the times] explores the relationship between human beings and their environment through the concept of time. This project seeks to materialize this notion by using architectural lines and geometric shapes to represent moments in life in this ever-changing world.

Prix Paritana rewards three artists yearly at Institut Français de Madagascar.


  • 3 month residency at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris
  • Air France return tickets(Antananarivo-Paris)
  • A €3,000 production grant
  • An outcome exhibition at the parisian space of Fondation H
  • Per diems throughout the artist's stay in Paris
  • A solo exhibition at the Institut Français de Madagascar


  • Monitoring of a project by the Fondation H team
  • A solo exhibition at Fondation H -Antananarivo
  • A €500 production support grant

For any questions about the 8thedition of Prix Paritana, please contact:


Each edition of the contemporary art prize is accompanied by a training module organized during the application period by Fondation H, with the aim of supporting candidates in the construction and definition of their application. On January 25, 2024, Fondation H offered a free training session to explain what Prix Paritana is, prepare the application file, get to grips with the registration form and outline the main rules for compiling a portfolio.

A similar training session is held for each edition of this contemporary art prize.


Winner : Tsiriniaina Irimboangy, artist-researcher-designer
Second prize ex-aequo: Andy Rasoloharivony, photographer and video artist
Second prize ex-aequo: Finoana Ratovo Andriantseheno, visual artist

Winner: Ashiko Ratovo, multidisciplinary artist
Second prize ex-aequo: Dina Nomena Andriarimanjaka, multidisciplinary artist
Second prize ex-aequo: Ophélia Arilala Ralamboson, artist designer

Winner: Mahefa Dimbiniaina Randrianarivelo, photographic artist
Second prize ex-aequo: Olivia Bourgois, visual artist
Second prize ex-aequo: Viviane Rakotoarivony, artist photographer

Winner: Richianny Ratovo, visual artist
Second prize ex-aequo: Ms. V, digital artist
Second prize ex-aequo: Indie, visual artist

Winner: Madame Zo, weaving artist
Following the death of Madame Zo on July 14, 2020, curator Rina Ralay-Ranaivo was invited to take up a writing residency at the Cité internationale des arts. He devoted himself to the production of a monograph on Madame Zo's work.
Second prize ex-aequo: Yannick Tojonantenaina Andrianambonisoa, artist photographer
Second prize ex-aequo: Felana, artist photographer

Winner: Rijasolo, artist photographer
Second prize ex-aequo: Nirina Randrianarisoa, painter
Second prize ex-aequo: Mahefa Dimbiniaina Randrianarivelo, artist photographer

Winner: Dwa, cartoonist
Second prize ex-aequo: Inès Cadillac, visual artist
Second prize ex-aequo: Liva Marc, cartoonist

Winner: Temandrota, visual artist
Second prize ex-aequo: Rina Ralay-Ranaivo, curator
Second prize ex-aequo: Madame Zo, visual artist

The 8th edition of Prix Paritana will be launched in January 2024.


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