Ainga was launched in April 2022 by Fondation H and aims to provide Indian Ocean artists with a solid theoretical and practical basis to plan and develop their artistic career.

Ainga is a polysemic Malagasy term. It has its roots in the words fibatana meaning “to lift,” fialana meaning “to start,” hevitra mitombina iaingana translating as “basic principle,” mandeha evoking the idea of leaving, and tombon-dalana which means having a head-start in a race.

Ainga is the combination of all these notions, and takes shape in the context of Fondation H by supporting the careers of artists from the Indian Ocean through the organization of intensive, professionalizing workshops held regularly in Antananarivo. The Ainga program is entirely free of charge.

Since 2023, Fondation H has been an accredited training organization by the Malagasy State. This enables it, in the absence of training linked to the artist's profession in Madagascar, to issue state-certified training attestations to artists taking part in the various Ainga modules.

Ainga 2024

In 2024, the Ainga training program offers four new modules:

- Artistic residency
- Building an artistic approach
- History of the plastic arts in Madagascar
- Critical writing

AINGA 2024

Module 2: Building your artistic approach

The second module of Ainga 2024 training program, focusing on building an artistic approach, takes place from July 29 to 31. Over three days, the participants benefit from 18 hours of theoretical and practical sessions. Led by Hobisoa Raininoro, Program manager of Fondation H, the module aims to help young artists define and develop their artistic identity.

On the agenda for these three days of training:

July 29:

- 9am to 12pm: Introduction of participants - Definition of an artistic approach - Reflection on artistic identity

- 2pm to 5pm: Writing a note about theartistic approach - Case study on a selection of artists

July 30:

- 9am to 12pm: Building an artistic approach: reflection on mediums of expression and preferred themes

- 2pm to 5pm: Research into influences, references and sources of inspiration - Writing up your artistic approach

July 31:

- 9am to 12pm: Oral presentation with commentary by participants

- 2pm to 5pm: Drafting of artistic CV


- Be a fine artist or a visual artist

- Be available for all module sessions

- Be resident in Madagascar and able to attend face-to-face training sessions at Fondation H at Ambatomena.


Information on the 2024 modules and new dates will be announced at a later date.


Information on how to register for these modules will be announced at a later date.

Module 3: History of Malagasy plastic arts

From September 5 to November 21, Ainga training program is offering a module focusing on the History of Malagasy plastic arts.

Every Thursday from 3pm to 5pm, classes are taught by Hemerson Andrianetrazafy, artist and art historian.

Open to all, the aim of the module is to provide participants with a detailed understanding of the evolution of art in Madagascar, and to position artistic expressions in their contexts.

Module 4: Introduction to the history of African photography

In November, in collaboration with the Sar'Nao/Mois de la photo festival, Ainga training program offers a specific module about the history of African photography.

This module targets photographers, cultural journalists and critical writers, and aims to develop and enrich knowledge of the photographic universe of the African continent.

Module 5: Understanding critical writing

In December, a training course in art criticism is offered to authors, art critics, communications experts and cultural journalists. Understanding critical writing module is led by personalities invited by Fondation H.

The aim of the course is to develop understanding and refine thinking on the various subjects of contemporary art, through practical and theoretical sessions.

AINGA 2024

Module 1 : Artistic residency

From April 8 to 12, the first module of 2024 of the Ainga Training program was held, focusing on artistic residency and led by Vincent Gonzalvez of the Cité internationale des arts in Paris. For five days, participants benefit from 30 hours of theoretical and practical sessions. Speakers for this module include Margaux Huille, Director of Fondation H, Céline Seror, curator of the exhibition Memoria: récits d'une autre Histoire, Marianne Dollo, Art Advisor, for portfolio readings, and artists Justine Gaga, Amalia Ramanankirahina and Charlotte Yonga to share their residency experiences.

Training objectives include understanding the principles and benefits of artistic residencies, learning about selection criteria, writing a professional portfolio, developing skills in preparing a convincing application and mastering the different forms of artistic residencies.

The participants in this 2024 module are: Vonjiniaina Ratovonirina, Olivia Bourgois, Carine Ratovonirina, Joey Aresoa, Mahefa Dimbiniaina, Ophélia Ralamboson, Dina Nomena Andriarimanjaka, Ashiko Ratovo, Mbolatiana Raoilison (Clipse Teean), Andy Rasoloharivony, Finoana Ratovo and Miranto Rafanomezana.

Module 1 participants of Ainga training 2024

AINGA 2023

The 2023 edition of Ainga training program offered some 30 artists two different,  complementary modules: a module on art history taught by Hemerson Andrianetrazafy, consisting of 30 hours of theoretical and practical courses on Western art, African art and Malagasy art; and a module on how to organize an exhibition, comprising 50 hours of theoretical and practical sessions with various local and international speakers.

Module 1 : art history class with Hemerson Andrianetrazafy

This module focuses on an intensive exploration of the history of art, from its beginnings to contemporary times. It delves into the roots of art and follows its evolution over different periods of time. The module goes deeply into the lives and work of several notable artists, offering a detailed analysis of their major contributions as well as their influence on the international art scene.

The participants in this 2023 module are: Agathina Rakotomalala, Baritiana Rakotoarimanana , Tsikisarobidy Jonathan Rasolofomanana, Yves Robinson, Dina Nomena Andriarimanjaka, Finiavana Raharisandratana, Jules Bosco Bezaka, Mahandry Rakotomanga, Mamy Misandratra Nirina Ranaivoson, Natoa Rasolonjatovo, Nirintsoa Nomena Clarck Rabeony, Ny Antsa Raoël Randretsamanana and Ravakiniaina Riantsoa Ramandimbiharijao.

Module 2 : how to organize an exhibition

This module is a major component of the training program, aimed at equipping participants with the key skills and knowledge about the critical steps for successfully setting up an art exhibition. According to their respective fields of expertise, the various contributors deal with topics around the essential tools for planning, designing and organizing an exhibition, tackling aspects such as artistic concept, spatial layout, visual communication, among others.

The contributors to the module on how to set up an exhibition are Fondation H team members, Georgina Maxim, Marie-Claire Messouma Manlanbien, Ntone Edjabe, Pascale Obolo and Greta Rodriguez.

The participants in this 2023 module are: Antso Tsiriniaina Rajaobelison, Soa Fandresena Rakotomalala, Ophélia Arilala Ralamboson, Tanteliniaina Ramarozatovo, Jean-nirina Razafindralambo, Dina Nomena Andriarimanjaka, Finiavana Raharisandratana, Jules Bosco Bezaka, Mahandry Rakotomanga, Mamy Misandratra Nirina Ranaivoson, Natoa Rasolonjatovo, Nirintsoa Nomena Clarck Rabeony, Ny Antsa Raoël Randretsamanana and Ravakiniaina Riantsoa Ramandimbiharijao.

AINGA 2022

The first edition of Ainga training program in 2022 aimed to help artists develop and manage their artistic career. The training was primarily designed to promote understanding of the challenges of career development, to assist in defining a career path aligned with the creative approach, and to develop an understanding of the art market and international art institutions. Participants learned how to identify production aids, how to design and set up exhibitions, and how to manage the inventory and conservation of their artworks. The training modules covered introduction to the art market, career management, art project design, exhibition organization, simplified management, inventory and conservation, image and network management, social network management, stress management and public speaking.

The first edition of the intensive workshops featured the following artists: Temandrota, Mahefa Rasamuel, Mat Li, Naty Kaly, Richianny Ratovo, Mahefa Dimbiniaina Randrianarivelo, Natoa Rasolonjatovo, Clipse Enbourg, Mendrika Ratsimba, Andri Marcel, Mialisoa Razafintsalama, Nirintsoa Farakze, Olivia Bourgois, Ashiko Ratovo, Tsiki Sarobidy, Faiza, Felana Rajaonarivelo, Marie Malvasio, Serge Rakoto et Sleeping Pop in the professional development of their artistic careers.


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