Fondation H is a malagasy contemporary art foundation.

It was founded in Antananarivo in 2017 on the initiative of entrepreneur and patron Hassanein Hiridjee, who believes that art and culture have a strong social impact and enable a critical opening to the world. It hasbeen recognized as a since 2018. For the past 6 years, Fondation H has been running programs dedicated to supporting artists from Africa and its diaspora in their careers, facilitating public access to art, and actively participated in the development and structuration of the artistic scene in the Indian Ocean.

While Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, has no public contemporary art museum or art school, despite an immense historical and cultural heritage, Fondation H plays a key role in this local context and more broadly on the African continent.

Since its creation, Fondation H has supported the promotion and dissemination of artistic creations from Madagascar and the African continent, through the patronage of international exhibitions including two exhibitions during the Africa2020 Season in 2021: ‘Memoria: Récits d’une autre histoire’ [Memoria: Tales from another story] (FRAC Nouvelle Aquitaine, Bordeaux) and Katia Kameli: ‘Elle a allumé le vif du passé’ [She lit up the heart of the past] (FRAC PACA, Marseille); Joël Andrianomearisoa for the Madagascar Pavilion during the Biennale de Venise in 2019); and ‘Madagascar: Arts de la Grande Ile’ [Madagascar: Arts of the Great Island] (Musée du Quai Branly, 2018-2019).

Since its creation, Fondation H has been building a collection of contemporary art, with a strong focus on artists from Africa and its diasporas.



The first private contemporary art foundation in Madagascarand the first cultural institution of this scale in the country, Fondation Hinaugurates its new, entirely free, 2200 m2 venue on April 28, 2023, in thecity center of the capital of Madagascar.

In a historic building in downtown Antananarivo, built acentury ago and completely renovated and expanded, Fondation H’s new space is avibrant place of creation and dialogue, focusing mainly on artists from Africaand the diaspora. Because of its size and ambition, Fondation H is one of thefew artistic institutions in Africa capable of pushing the outreach of these scenes on an international level.


This noncommercial space, one of the few dedicated to the african scene and diasporas in the French capital, has an experimental dimension and allows itself a large flexibility in the form taken by the collaborations with guest artists, who are always invited for solo shows, allowing a personalised support provided by the Fondation H team.

The Fondation H parisian space can host in situ installations (Hyacinthe Ouattara, M’barka Amor, Christian Sanna, Temandrota)and is also regularly transformed into a workshop by the artists who settle there for a few months (Maya Inès Touam, Adelaide Damoah, and Johanna Mirabel).

Our Team

Hassanein Hiridjee


Margaux Huille


Sarah Ramefison

Head of operations

Marie Doumerc

Fondation H – Paris manager

Hobisoa Raininoro

Program manager

Soanala Andrianarison

Art collection manager

Tsiaro Andriamahery

Cultural mediation manager

Minoarisoa Ralantomanana

Production and program officer

Jade Andrianjaka

Communication and event officer

Fabio Thierry Andriamiarintsoa


Fitiavana Benarson

Cultural mediator

Fifaliana Randriambololona

Cultural mediator

Fenosoa Andriambola

Cultural mediator

Zo Raharifera 

Program assistant

Hasina Razafindramanitra

Art collection assistant

Nissi Harinirindra

Library apprentice

Tiavina Hasimalalatsihoarana

Communication and multimedia assistant

Erica Rakotondrazay


Armandine Fanjasoa


Fanevasoa Rabemiarana

Cultural mediator

Soafara Ramiandrisoa

Cultural mediator

Gabrilla Randrianjanaka

Cultural mediator

Valisoa Andriamaro

Cultural mediator

Faniriana Raparivo

Cultural mediator

Iangy Rajaonarivelo

Building manager

Olizier Andrianasolo


Tanteraka Rakotoarimanga




Fondation H’s visual identity is built around symbols taken from Malagasy culture and its decorative arts. Assisted by the South African agency SuperUnion, Fondation H gave Tsiriniaina Irimboangy carte-blanche to design a series of patterns inspired by Malagasy symbols which are most often featured on lamba fabrics.