MAY 05 - JUNE 13, 2022

Fondation H -Antananarivo – have invited Malagasy artist Mahefa Rasamuel to present a carte blanche exhibition from May 5 to July 13. In Ambiversion, the artist displays a series of twelve paintings on canvas, and invites the public to a collaborative performance, elaborated with dancer-choreographer Mialy Rajhonson, and presented at the opening of theexhibition.

The Ambiversion series is a continuum between a series of emotional states Mahefa Rasamuel has experienced.

At night time, for this is when it all begins for him, he draws his energy from his interactions with the outside world. His nights are often more beautiful and lively than his days. At night, his self escapes, breathes new air, expresses itself, awakens,and aligns itself with the stars. His evenings teem with laughter, revelry, complicity, upbeat music, building up to an ecstatic climax. When the night has reached its apotheosis, the day slowly follows, as does fatigue. Separation is then inevitable. The body demands rest, a return to the self, a quest for peace and quiet - and sleeps. As in a dream, alone with the sea, its sounds, its ebbs and flows, one returns to inner peace by restoring oneself inwardly. In the artist’s frantic life cycle, events come and go, bringing along their share of pain and sorrow often caused by the loss of loved ones, like a brutal reality check at the end of a crazy night of euphoria. And along the way of his tribulations, the artist seeks and finds his balance in ambiversion, either by returning to his self, or by opening to others.

Mahefa Rasamuel was born in 1968 in Antananarivo, Madagascar, where he lives and works. A multidisciplinary artist essentially focused on painting, he began his technical and pictorial experiments in 1998.

His first solo exhibition was at La Boussole, Isoraka, Antananarivo, in 2003. Since then, he has had a great many exhibitions around the Malagasy capital, including at nightlife venues (restaurants, bars, nightclubs), which he is especially fond of. Early in his career, he met dancer-choreographer Mialy Rajhonson, and took dance lessons with him. Together, they worked on several multidisciplinary stage projects, such as the 2017 musical comedy review Le Roi Soleil, where Mahefa Rasamuel showcased his acting skills, as well as on an exhibition-show entitled Osmosis, at K'Art Antanimena Antananarivo.

Click here to read the exhibition booklet published by Fondation H.